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At Beretta, we have always believed in the value of craftsmanship and patience – ancient traditions and a wealth of knowledge we feel bound by duty to preserve.

This is why Beretta has created its own school for master engravers and a workshop for master gunsmiths, which still produce fine firearms built entirely by hand. With the same spirit, we work with talented craftsmen all over the world who share our way of thinking, and have passed their skills down through the generations.

486 by Marc Newson

The new 486 by Marc Newson is a respectful re-interpretation of the traditional side by side with an innovative technological solution: the wood-bridge.

Thanks to this original design, the safety catch is no longer a remote mechanism on the end of the receiver, but is now seamlessly set into the high-grade walnut, almost like a bridge, creating a beautiful element of distinction.

Available at: Dallas, London, Paris
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687EELL Series

The 687 EELL Classic is the top of the line of Beretta's 680-series over-under shotguns. It features sideplates that act as extra canvas for the lavish hand-chased engraving, as well as a specially-selected walnut stock that gives it a true heirloom quality.

But while it certainly figures well while on display, the Classic's worth as a game gun is equally striking. Weighing about 7 lbs (12-ga version), and with the point of balance right at the hinge-pin, it is a shotgun that comes up naturally to the shoulder while still having enough of a lively feeling forward of the supporting hand.

Available at: Dallas, London, Memphis, Paris
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The Beretta Giubileo (Italian for Jubilee) is a triumph of looks and performance in a hunting over-under shotgun. And it is no wonder that it is one of the most desirable choices for the uncompromising upland or bird hunter: besides having one of today's most strikingly-beautiful actions, it is built to deliver premium-quality performance in the field or at the range. Available in 12, 20, 28 gauge or .410 (with scaled-down receiver sizes for the two smaller gauges) and with 26" or 28" barrels, it is nothing short of a status-symbol for the discriminating hunter.


The SL3 heralds a new era of Beretta premium shotguns, combining the finest Beretta technology available from our various product families.
The result is a fusion of outstanding performance in the field with aesthetic beauty.
Handmade in Gardone Val Trompia by our most talented gunsmiths whose craftmanship, passion and pursuit of perfection drives our Premium Gun atelier

Available at: Dallas, London, Paris
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SO Sparviere

The SO Sparviere (Italian for “hawk”) is a premium sidelock over-under shotgun conceived for the upland hunter and shooter wanting a heirloom-quality work of art. The action features upward of 100 hours of engraving by masters carrying a centuries-old tradition, while the total absence of visible screws gives the engraving an uninterrupted blank canvas to express its full beauty.

Available at: Dallas, New York, Paris
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Seventy years after the first modern Beretta over-and-under (the model S1, launched in 1933), a new sidelock shotgun was born. The SO10 over-and-under is the deserving successor of the famous Beretta SO series hunting and competition shotguns that have earned their reputation as the most functional, elegant and exclusive over-and-unders in the world. Now the SO10 is regarded as a true modern classic, with the lines of its receiver redefining elegance in a hunting shotgun--so much so that to some clients the action is perfect even without engraving.

Also, this premium shotgun comes in four action sizes, each efficiently sized for a different gauge--12, 20, 28 and .410--offering owners the most exquisite proportions in a game gun.

Add to this the premium wood individually sized to the customer’s specifications and the SO10 is the veritable pinnacle of shotgun craftsmanship and the crown jewel of any exclusive gun-room.

Available at: Dallas, London
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The best competition shooters in the world choose the best shotguns in the world: and with five gold medals in five different Olympics and countless awards in prestigious international competitions, champions consider the SO5 over-and-under the finest competition shotgun ever made.

A premium gun in every respect, the SO5 is a sidelock shotgun optimized for bringing clay shooters to the podium, also thanks to the ability to personalize it to the competitor’s individual measurements.

Available at: Dallas, London, Paris
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SO6 Series

The SO6 EELL is a shotgun for connoisseurs--as well as for the most dedicated upland hunter and clay shooter. This true sidelock has a low-profile receiver that is is graceful and slender, with a vault-like cross-bolt locking system designed for generations of use.

The action also carries the centuries-old artistic pride of Northern Italian master engravers: an uninterrupted living tradition with its roots in the Renaissance and beyond. But in the SO6 EELL, the art does not stop at what is visible. Every inch of over-under has been optimized for looks, performance and durability, the three pillars that make a legacy-quality gun and that coexist in the SO6 EELL to the highest degree.

Available at: London, Paris
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486 Parallelo

With the 486 Parallelo, Beretta has reintroduced the side by side shotgun in their lineup. But rather than giving an older model a face-lift, we have redesigned the action, springs and trigger-group--as well as the outward appearance of the shotgun.This is a shotgun designed to be as classic as possible to the outside, while incorporating materials and engineering features that make it orders of magnitude more durable than anything made 100 years ago. A true statement of classic taste, the 486 Parallelo is the perfect shotgun for the gentleman (or lady) hunter.

Available at: London
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